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5 ways neuroscience can help make change stick

One of my reproduced articles that was published earlier this year on CIO.com.au Five simple tips your change manager should be using to build brain-friendly change in your business Last month Commonwealth Bank’s CIO David Whiteing delivered a warning to his peers: “If your business transformation plans don’t scare you, they’re not bold enough and you’ll be […]

6 reasons for career confusion

As a career coach I see many clients who have the presenting problem of career indecision and confusion. However, there are many underlying issues that often need unpacking. The six most common I see are: 1. Parental pressure High parental expectations often exert a lot of pressure on children – from school aged to middle aged adults […]

Job Description

Often I get a wide-eye stare when I tell people I’m a Change Manager. Some people think I work in IT, write a bit of communications and organize some training then job done. Others think I swan around having coffee with senior managers and know a lot more than I really do. The truth lies […]