Narrative Insights Career Style Interview and Report

Narrative Insights involves a career style interview to help clients reflect on ways to negotiate transitions, write their life stories and design their lives. In telling their career stories about work experiences clients highlight particular experiences by which they live their lives. The career counsellor listens to the storylines to get clues to the client’s vocational personality style, career adaptability and help clients comprehend their life themes and adapt to transitions. We can also use tools such as vocational card sorting, collage, selecting artefacts important to you and your story and drawing a lifeline. At the end of the process we present you with a written report on our conclusions and reflections. It’s an exciting and evolving process and helps give deeper insights to your life and work.

Getting Clarity Coaching Program

We offer the affordable one-on-one Clarity coaching package to help clients along their career path. It provides students, graduates and professionals a structured programme to help them choose their next steps, map out different options and support them as they make these important decisions. It is a good option for people who do not have a lot of time or a big budget or who simply want to try coaching to see if it works without forking out a lot of money.

Our clients are asked to prepare for the sessions using some useful tools and exercises. This ensures the thirty minute phone sessions, or longer face-to-face sessions, are focussed and clients are prepared for each session to get maximum value.


Who is Clarity for?

Clarity is designed to help individuals who are thinking about or making choices in their life or their career. It will help clients to:

  • Get really clear about what is important to them and make choices that fit
  • Explore options available and evaluate them against a full range of criteria
  • Develop a plan and be confident in their ability to achieve it.

How does it work?

When a client signs up for the Clarity package of three 30 minute phone sessions the client will then:

  • Book the three sessions in the online scheduler (available coaching time slots highlighted in green) and pay online
  • Download the self-paced materials for Steps 1, 2 and 3
  • Complete one of the recommended assessment tools listed here (optional)
  • Prepare for each call using the materials
  • Call the coach at the pre-booked time (Skype is preferable). It is the responsibility of the client to call the coach.

The clients get a holistic experience which impacts them at home and at work.

The materials

The program materials consist of three modules with exercises and tools for clients to identify what’s important, explore options and develop a plan. These self-paced materials are available on the coaching portal for download once you sign-up. There are also some interactive online modules to explore.